We believe in the ATTENTION to our work, which means paying maximum attention to our client’s needs and demands

Our products highly RESPECT the physiology of hair and scalp and have been formulateci, designed and createci as the best solution to solve all situations that can lead to damaged hair and scalp
DEVOTION to our expertise and to our client’s efforts in promoting our products and philosophy
ETHICS is in all we do and mostly in our being focused to offer the best products, service and educational support



Based in the amazing “Langhe” area, in terms of formulation, we have focused


The choice of our R & D has been to characterize our products with those elements typical of our region: grapes, honey, hazelnuts, olive oil, blackberries …
We are totally devoted to a wide spectrum of


that can fully explain the concept behind the products and their high performances, as well as several stylistic proposals.


carne into being in early 2017, when bringing together years of individuai experience in the professional field, such as education, domestic sales, in-depth knowledge of the ltalian and Foreign Markets, the three of us,



ourselves and focus on what is essential for every distributor: customer service, a tailored approach to specific demands and needs, in-depth support in terms of explanation of the products, education, as well as a highly performing product.
My care philosophy, the pay-off associated with the brand, is aimed at underlining our devotion to the wellbeing and beauty of every customer that will dive into an amazing journey for her hair and scalp.
The client is our commitment.


The international market is what we count on mostly, as the DXT!NCT lines have been created to meet the demands of different markets and countries.
Our very first launch, including both technical products and treatment lines, is based on this concept of Made in ltaly. The choice of a minimalist, smart and appealing design has also been our focus to highlight the ltalian style.

For 52 Zone team, taking care of the well-being of your hair is the main target.


Each color represents the precise answer to the need of the woman who takes care of herself with beauty and wellness treatments in an exclusive and functional philosophy.



Dxtinct is born in Piedmont, a region rich in history, values and culture. lt’s located in Mondovì, a charming town at the foot of Langhe, crowned by the Alps and not far from the sea.

Land of traditional scents, genuine flavors, intense colors and strong values. Rich, generous and fertile territory known all over the world for its most precious nectar: WINE.

Sumptuous drink, a true elixir of well-being for the body and soul.
The vine and grape of our territory have given us inspiration and precious active ingredients to create a distinctive haircare philosophy.

dxtinct ambition


Beeswax is a natural wax produced by honey bees. lts mixture of esters of fatty acids and hydro-repellant lipids with filming properties, performs a protective action on hair and scalp preventing moisture loss.
Extracted from pressing the mature fruit of Olive Tree. lts mixture of triglycerides of oileic, linolenic, stearic and arachidonic acid has emollient and nourishing properties. lts regenerating, nourishing and smoothing features counteract the oxidative effects of free radicals, thus keeping hair healthy, strong and protected thanks to Vitamins E and A.
dxtinct trattamento


Vitis Vinifera Leaft Extract is the extract of the leaves of grape vine. lts mixture of Polyphenols, Quercetin, Bioflavonoids and Anthocyanins has a strong regenerative, astringent and antioxidant action to counteract free radicals thus maintaining healthy hair and scalp.
Vitis Vinifera seed Oil is the extract of grape’s seeds, one of the most potent antioxidants found in nature. lts mixture of active Phytochemicals, Bioflavonoids, Phenols, Vitamin E, Linoileic acid and Resveratrol has an antioxidant action protecting scalp from precocious aging, atmospherical agents and free radicals. lt also has stimulating properties on capillary microcirculation.
dxtinct sweet